MySQL (AlmaLinux 8)

MySQL (AlmaLinux 8)

  • OS: almalinux 8


MySQL is a relational database that is used for storing, managing, and manipulating large amounts of data. It offers powerful functionality for searching, querying, and manipulating data, including built-in transaction support to ensure data integrity. MySQL is a free and open-source database that can be used in various applications, including web applications, software systems, and others.

Software included

Package Version
MySQL server 8.0.30
MySQL client 8.0.30

Първоначално стартиране на услугата

This application image is configured to generate a random root password. Once generated, it will be written to the configuration file /root/.my.cnf. To get started with the app, all you need to do is login to your virtual machine via SSH, then switch to root. From here on you now have a MySQL shell via the already mentioned configured root MySQL user from which you can create databases, configure users, etc.

Controlling MySQL service

Check the status of MySQL service

systemctl status mysqld

Restarting MySQL service

systemctl restart mysqld

Stopping MySQL service

systemctl stop mysqld

Starting MySQL service

systemctl start mysqld